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Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling

Nominated for the Lambda Literary Award 2007 – Finalist

Included: “An Angel on the Threshold”

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“Eric Andrews-Katz’ self-esteem is given a boost after meeting an attractive angel one night in a bar…”

Steven LaVigne – White Crane Journal

Eric Andrews-Katz’s sweet tale of two enamored boys…”

Jim Piechota – Bay Area Reporter

“In Eric Andrews-Katz’s “An Angel on the Threshold,” main character Mark is carrying a longtime torch for his ex-lover, and about giving up. To torture himself more, he goes to the club and itemizes his character flaws when he is hit on by Gabriel who, he thinks, is completely out of his league. The gorgeous Gabriel seems to be able to read his mind and emotions, so of course this makes Mark flee, since he’s not one to accept a mercy fuck. Mark’s reawakening comes to pass on the street, where his lovelorn phantoms meet bruised reality under the pen of Andrews-Katz.”

Lewis Whittington – EDGE Entertainment


“Yeah, right. Thanks for trying to be an angel, but I’ve fallen and you’ve failed.” Daniel walked away. He replaced his hands into his pockets and lowered his head to study the pavement. Gabriel stepped next to him, keeping in line.

“An angel is only someone that delivers a message that changes your life.”

“And what is your message, Angel Gabriel?”

“You need to get over this low self-image. You can talk to anyone and have them be just as impressed as I am. There are angels all around ready to give you messages if you’d just stop and listen instead of to the worthless chatter of peer pressure.”

Daniel shot a sideways, disapproving glance. They turned off the main street onto a more residential area.

Gabriel continued. “There’s an old story of a student that came upon his
teacher standing on a cliff, in the howling wind. He asked his teacher why
and the answer was that he was listening to the messages of the angels. He asked
the teacher, ‘What is it like to stand in the wind?’ and the answer was:
‘It’s like listening to the words of anyone.’ The student was confused and
asked: ‘What is it like to listen to the words of the angels?’ and the teacher’s answer
was: ‘It’s like standing in the wind’. You’re so busy hearing the wind that you’re not listening to the message. No one is on any kind of pedestal
until you put him on it; and then you can always take him off. Stop being
hung up on the ex and look towards the future.