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Gay City: Vol 3 – Re-Pulped!

Edited by Vincent Kovar

Nominated for 2010 Lambda Literary Award

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Included: “The Gaucho’s Way” by Eric Andrews-Katz


            “No, Señor.” The man stepped around to face Claudio. “As I explained before, you are to pay for what you did to her.” He dropped to his knees until his face was eye level with Claudio’s uncut piñga. Carefully, his hands reached out until he delicately held the limp phallus. The gaucho tugged it slowly, giving elongated strokes until Claudio’s breathing changed from the sharp breaths of fear to the quick-paced gasps of pleasure. He leaned forward, pulling back the foreskin until the spongy head was exposed. Gently, he puckered his lips and gave the dewy skin a light kiss.

            “Now, Señor Alvarez,” the gaucho whispered and slowly drew himself up to meet the man eye-to-eye. His left hand continued to tease the tied man’s testicles. “It is time for you to make a choice.” His free hand reached around and ferociously grabbed hold of Claudio’s ass cheek. “It is either giving up this…” and his hand dug into the firm flesh. “Or…” The sharp edged blade of the puñal instantly replaced his caressing. The tip of the knife held completely still and poised at the base of Claudio’s scrotum. “It is giving up this”. The blade pressed its metal lips against the delicate flesh.

            “Señor,” Claudio gasped. “Not that, I beg you. Leave me a man.”

            The gaucho released the knife from its position. The smile that eased itself onto his lips curled with a sinister twist. “You don’t understand, do you? There are many different ways to be a man.” He turned and walked towards the door. “What you have hanging between your legs does not make you a man.” He picked up a large rectangular wooden object with a large hole cut in the center. “It is what is in your heart.” Turning to face Claudio he presented across his palms, a hand-carved ox-collar. “It is how you provide for your family, and what kind of friend you are to others that makes you a man.”

            “What is that for?” Claudio nervously stammered. His chin jutted out towards the wooden stockade the gaucho dramatically opened. The grimace that answered filled him with fear.

            “It is for you, Señor. You are nothing but an animal and you should be treated as one.” The gaucho walked behind Claudio and the edge of the blade was placed on the nape of his neck. “When you feel the ropes loosen, slowly get on your knees. If you try to move, I will stab you through the neck.”

            Claudio felt the knife scratching his skin and knew he had no choice. His wrists were given slack but not released and with a quick tug they could be pulled right back to the ceiling hook. Slowly he squatted down trying to think of a way to get out of the gaucho’s control. As if his mind could be read, a sharp blow was delivered to the back of his knees and Claudio fell forward onto all fours.